Fans of the classic anime Berserk have had a lot to look forward to this year. With the original 1997 anime adaptation being released on Blu-ray earlier in the year, there is now another exciting release to anticipate. The Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition Blu-ray collection, featuring the 2012-2013 films, is set to launch on August 27. Preorders are currently available at Amazon and Crunchyroll Store, with both retailers offering discounts. While Amazon currently has a better deal with over 20% off, Crunchyroll’s price is slightly cheaper, although shipping costs should be taken into account.

What to Expect

The upcoming Blu-ray release will include both English and Japanese dubs of the films, as well as extras such as textless opening and ending songs in the two-disc set. The cover art promises stunning visuals, particularly featuring Guts in a berserker rage. The Golden Age arc of Berserk was a fascinating revisit to the manga, aiming to stay true to the source material and avoiding major deviations like the 1997 adaptation. The films combined beautiful animation with CGI, creating a unique viewing experience. The retelling of Berserk’s first major arc culminates in the infamous Eclipse sequence, which is portrayed in a terrifying manner, arguably even more so than the 1997 anime.

Other Options for Fans

For those who prefer the original 1997 anime adaptation, the Blu-ray release is currently available on Amazon. Despite selling out multiple times since its initial release in March, fresh stock of the 25-episode series can be found on both Amazon and Crunchyroll. Additionally, fans can always turn to the original manga created by Kentaro Miura, which has been released in various formats over the years. The oversized hardcover volumes are particularly praised for their quality.

The Berserk franchise continues to captivate fans with its memorable characters, intense storylines, and stunning visuals. Whether fans prefer the classic anime, the newer film adaptations, or the original manga, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the world of Berserk. The upcoming release of the Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition Blu-ray collection is sure to be a treat for fans, offering a fresh perspective on the beloved series.


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