Former employees of Best Buy’s Geek Squad have recently reported mass layoffs within the company. According to 404 Media, former Geek Squad agents received a short notice email stating that the company could no longer afford to pay them, resulting in devastating job loss. The sudden nature of the layoffs has left many employees feeling blindsided and uncertain about their future.

In response to the layoffs, recently laid-off Geek Squad agents have taken to online forums such as r/GeekSquad to show solidarity. Some have even referred to themselves as part of a Geek Squad “sleeper cell,” indicating their intention to stay connected despite being let go. This sense of community among former employees highlights the impact of the layoffs on both a personal and professional level.

Best Buy CEO Corie Barry hinted at the possibility of layoffs during the company’s last earnings call in February. She mentioned a need to reevaluate corporate resources and redirect them towards areas like AI and innovation. This pivot in strategy is part of an effort to adapt to changing consumer trends and industry demands. The decision to downsize certain aspects of the business reflects a broader shift in the company’s priorities.

Barry specifically referenced macro factors affecting consumer spending on electronics as a reason for the layoffs. She noted a decrease in sales following the initial surge in demand during the pandemic. Additionally, she highlighted the lack of significant innovation in the industry as a deterrent for consumers to invest in new technology. These challenges have directly impacted Geek Squad repair operations, leading to a need for greater efficiency and adaptation.

Former and current Geek Squad employees have cited high turnover rates and limited opportunities for advancement as key issues within the company. The relatively low pay associated with Geek Squad positions has also been a point of contention. Glassdoor estimates a pay range of $16-$21 per hour for Geek Squad agents, reflecting the challenges faced by employees in terms of compensation and career growth.

As Best Buy continues to realign its corporate strategy, the impact of the Geek Squad layoffs will likely be felt throughout the company. The shift towards AI and innovation, as well as the emphasis on evolving customer care experiences, will shape the future of Geek Squad operations. It remains to be seen how the company will navigate these changes and support both current and former employees in the midst of these transitions.


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