Blizzard, the developer behind Diablo 4, made a unique and unconventional announcement by revealing their donation of 30 million maggots to “birds undergoing treatment and rehabilitation” at a UK-based charity. This donation was made in honor of Duriel the Maggot King. The charity drive was announced on Twitter and was tied to Earth Day, with Blizzard committing to donate 45,000 maggots for every 25 likes on the post.

The response to Blizzard’s announcement was overwhelming, with users liking the post in large numbers. This led to a rapid increase in the number of maggots being donated, quickly surpassing the initial goal. The maximum donation goal of 30 million maggots was reached within a few hours of the campaign launch. This generosity resulted in enough food to sustain the animals at Twiggywinkles UK for two years.

While the initiative was applauded for its charitable nature, there was also some discussion around the cost implications of the donation. A Twitter user pointed out that the cost of the maggots, at roughly $1 per like, amounted to a significant sum. Blizzard, however, seemed unfazed by the cost, highlighting the importance of the gesture in providing necessary sustenance to the animals in need.

Blizzard’s donation of 30 million maggots to support birds undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at Twiggywinkles UK showcased a unique and innovative approach to charity. Despite the unconventional nature of the donation, the impact it had in providing sustenance to the animals in need cannot be overlooked. This initiative not only highlighted the importance of Earth Day but also demonstrated Blizzard’s commitment to giving back to the community in a creative and impactful way.


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