Fortnite players have long been advocating for separate loot pools in Ranked and normal Battle Royale modes. The idea behind this is simple – Ranked play should be more competitive and skill-based, and having the same items available as in casual modes can create an unfair advantage for some players. Just like in games like Super Smash Bros., where players can choose which items to enable or disable, having separate loot pools in Fortnite makes sense for a more balanced and fair gameplay experience.

The All Sweat Summer event in Fortnite is currently underway, bringing about significant changes to Ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build modes. From July 4 to July 18, vehicles, vehicle items, and Nitro Fists have been disabled in these modes. Additionally, characters are no longer hireable during this event, although hostile characters and bosses will still be present. This event marks a departure from the usual gameplay dynamics in Fortnite and has been met with mixed reactions from the community.

While vehicles have been successfully removed from Ranked play as part of the event, Epic Games has acknowledged an oversight that allowed Nitro Fists to remain in the game. The company assured players that they are looking into this issue and will update the community accordingly. However, the overall response to the removal of vehicles and other items from Ranked Battle Royale has been overwhelmingly positive. Players have expressed their satisfaction with the increased competitiveness and skill-focused gameplay that has resulted from these changes.

Many players are hopeful that the current changes in Ranked Battle Royale will become permanent. The introduction of separate loot pools and the removal of certain items have been seen as steps in the right direction by the community. Players believe that these changes create a more level playing field and emphasize skill over luck. However, there is also speculation that the current adjustments may only be temporary, as Epic Games has mentioned monitoring player feedback closely. Depending on how the community responds to these changes, Epic Games may choose to make them a permanent part of the Fortnite experience.

The removal of vehicles, vehicle items, and Nitro Fists from Ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build modes in Fortnite has sparked a significant shift in gameplay dynamics. Players are appreciative of the increased focus on skill and competitiveness in these modes, and many are hopeful that these changes will remain permanent. As Epic Games continues to monitor player feedback and reactions, the future of Ranked Battle Royale in Fortnite remains uncertain. The community eagerly awaits further updates and potential developments in the game.


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