Google Photos has long been known for its impressive search capabilities, but with the introduction of Gemini, Google is taking things to the next level. CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced a new feature called “Ask Photos,” which is set to launch this summer. This feature will utilize artificial intelligence to make the service much smarter in understanding user queries and connecting the dots for more sophisticated requests.

During the I/O keynote, Pichai demonstrated the power of Ask Photos by asking the app to recall his license plate number. Typically, searching for a specific license plate number in a sea of photos can be a daunting task. However, Google Photos’ AI was able to identify the intended vehicle based on location, frequency of appearances in photos, and other data. The app provided the actual license plate number in a text response along with an image for verification.

In addition to helping users with specific search queries, Ask Photos can also aid in searching memories in a deeper and more meaningful way. For example, Pichai asked the app to “show me how Lucia’s swimming has progressed.” In response, Gemini gathered a collection of photos that showcased the progression of a child’s swimming lessons over the years. This level of intelligence and personalization is set to enhance the user experience on Google Photos significantly.

Ask Photos is slated to roll out on Google Photos this summer, with plans for additional capabilities in the pipeline. Pichai hinted at more features to come, indicating that Google is committed to continuously improving the service. The significance of Google Photos in the lives of millions of users was highlighted by the fact that the platform now receives a staggering 6 billion uploads daily, a testament to the immense volume of memories stored on Google’s servers.

Google Gemini is poised to revolutionize the way users interact with Google Photos by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to provide more intelligent search capabilities and deeper insights into memories. With the continuous evolution of the platform, Google Photos is set to become an indispensable tool for users looking to organize, search, and relive their most cherished moments captured in photos and videos.


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