The recent patch for Shadow Of The Erdtree, dubbed “Calibration Update – Version 1.12.2” by FromSoftware, has brought significant changes to the game. The update focuses on strengthening the Shadow Realm Blessings found throughout Erdtree’s areas. Specifically, both Scadutree Fragments and Revered Ash Blessings have received buffs to their attack and damage negation capabilities. This enhancement applies to the first half of the maximum amount of Blessing enhancements, with subsequent blessings gradually increasing your stats. Moreover, the attack and damage negation provided by the final level of these blessings has been slightly boosted.

Update Procedure and Future Plans

Players can access the update by logging into the multiplayer servers after launching the game. A telltale sign that you are on the correct build is the display of “1.12.2” at the bottom right of the title menu. FromSoft has also indicated that additional balance adjustments and bug fixes are in the pipeline for future patches. For those encountering performance issues, the patch notes recommend checking the Raytracing Quality settings in System > Graphics Settings to ensure optimal performance.

The reception of the Erdtree expansion on Steam has been mixed, with concerns revolving around performance challenges and the perceived difficulty of the DLC bosses. While some players found the bosses to be excessively challenging, others appreciated the unique tools and features provided in Erdtree to aid in overcoming these obstacles. The introduction of Blessings, summonable allies, online co-op options, and various build strategies offers players diverse avenues to improve their gameplay experience.

While some may argue for a reduction in difficulty, recognizing the value of overcoming challenges in gaming is essential. Erdtree presents a formidable test for players, but the satisfaction of conquering its demanding bosses is unparalleled. By utilizing the available resources and strategies within the game, players can enhance their skills and progress through the daunting encounters. The diversity of tools and options in Erdtree encourages players to adapt their approach and explore different tactics to succeed.

Empowering Players with Tools and Strategies

In the face of formidable adversaries, Erdtree equips players with a range of Blessings, cooperative gameplay options, and customization possibilities to tailor their experience. The balance between difficulty and accessibility is crucial in providing a rewarding gaming experience. By leveraging the strengths of the game mechanics and engaging with the available features, players can navigate the challenges of Erdtree and emerge victorious. Ultimately, the journey through Erdtree is a test of perseverance and skill, rewarding those who embrace the trials it presents.

The recent patch for Shadow Of The Erdtree introduces significant enhancements to gameplay mechanics, particularly in the realm of Blessings and stats progression. By acknowledging the challenges presented by the game while leveraging the tools and strategies available, players can overcome obstacles and triumph in Erdtree. Embracing the difficulty of the game and exploring diverse avenues for progression contribute to a fulfilling gaming experience in Shadow Of The Erdtree.


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