Walmart recently announced its plans to acquire TV maker Vizio in a deal valued at approximately $2.3 billion. This move is seen as a strategic one by the retail giant to boost its ad business. By acquiring Vizio and its SmartCast Operating System (OS), Walmart aims to enhance its customer engagement through innovative television and in-home entertainment experiences. Additionally, the acquisition will provide new avenues for advertisers to connect with customers, offering compelling opportunities to engage at scale.

Vizio boasts over 500 direct advertiser partnerships through its Vizio Platform Plus business, which now accounts for a majority of the company’s gross profit. With more than 18 million active accounts using Vizio’s smart TV OS, SmartCast, the acquisition presents Walmart with an opportunity to expand its reach in the smart TV market. While Walmart already has its in-house brand of TVs, acquiring Vizio will position the retailer to compete more effectively with other affordable smart TV manufacturers like Amazon and Roku.

Walmart’s partnership with Innovid last year for personalized TV ads and with Roku for “shoppable ads” demonstrates the company’s commitment to leveraging technology for targeted advertising. The acquisition of Vizio will further enhance Walmart’s advertising capabilities, allowing brands to reach customers in more innovative ways. This alignment between technology and advertising could potentially revolutionize the way consumers interact with brands through their TVs.

While Walmart’s proposed acquisition of Vizio is subject to regulatory clearance, the deal could be terminated if Vizio receives a superior offer within a 45-day period. This acquisition comes on the heels of Vizio’s recent software overhaul, which aimed to improve the user experience on its range of TVs. As Vizio continues to compete in the market against brands like Hisense, TCL, and budget-priced Roku TVs, the differentiation provided by SmartCast OS will be crucial for its success.

The acquisition of Vizio by Walmart represents a significant opportunity for both companies to drive innovation and create value for customers. By combining their resources and capabilities, Walmart and Vizio can shape the future of the tech industry and redefine the ways in which consumers interact with entertainment and advertising.


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