In a world where films come and go on streaming services, the concept of owning physical copies of movies seems to be fading away. However, there is something special about having a collection of Criterion Collection Blu-rays in your home that provides a sense of cinematic security. With the current discounts being offered by Amazon and Barnes & Noble, now is the perfect time to invest in these timeless treasures.

What sets Criterion Collection releases apart from traditional Blu-rays is the attention to detail and dedication to preserving the filmmaker’s vision. Each film is presented in the way the maker intended, with meticulous restorations and special features that provide insight into the filmmaking process. Whether you are a fan of classics, avant-garde cinema, Hollywood blockbusters, or B-movie horror, the Criterion Collection has something for everyone.

One of the standout offerings in the Criterion Collection sale is a set of Godzilla films from the Showa era. These classic monster movies are not only entertaining but also come with a deluxe hardcover book and new HD transfers. For fans of Akira Kurosawa, there are 4K Blu-ray releases of Seven Samurai and Dreams available at a discounted price. Additionally, the body-horror masterpiece Videodrome by David Cronenberg is now available in 4K UHD, immersing viewers in the grotesque world of the cult classic.

From Martin Scorsese’s epic crime saga The Irishman to the heartwarming animated film Wall-E from Pixar, the Criterion Collection offers a diverse range of films to suit every taste. Whether you prefer classic cinema, indie gems, or quirky comedies, there is something for everyone in this curated collection. Other notable titles included in the sale are Inside Llewyn Davis, Being John Malkovich, and Dazed and Confused, each offering a unique cinematic experience.

The Criterion Collection sale presents a valuable opportunity for film enthusiasts to expand their home library with high-quality Blu-ray releases. While streaming services offer convenience and variety, owning physical copies of your favorite films ensures that you will always have access to them. With the discounts currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, now is the perfect time to invest in these cinematic treasures and enhance your movie-watching experience.


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