Nintendo has always been vigilant about protecting its intellectual property and brand presence, especially when it comes to how its IP and games are used on social media. During the ’84th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders’, company president Shuntaro Furukawa emphasized the need for appropriate action to be taken against any behavior that undermines the company’s policy of bringing smiles through entertainment.

Furukawa highlighted that Nintendo’s ultimate goal is to create an environment where everyone can enjoy playing games without feeling uncomfortable. This includes ensuring that consumers do not encounter any content related to Nintendo’s IP that may be deemed inappropriate or damaging to the brand’s value. The company strives to make every effort to protect its consumers, not only within its games but also across all platforms where its IP is present.

While no specific cases were mentioned during the meeting, Nintendo has a history of addressing fan-made content that it believes crosses the line. In the past, fan creations like Bowsette and unauthorized fan games featuring Nintendo characters have faced scrutiny from the company. Nintendo has taken legal action against projects it deems inappropriate, such as filing DMCA takedowns and lawsuits to protect its brand image and integrity.

Nintendo’s proactive approach to safeguarding its brand on social media and other platforms demonstrates its commitment to upholding its values and policies. By monitoring and taking action against unauthorized use of its IP, the company aims to maintain a positive and safe environment for its consumers. As seen in recent cases involving fan-made games and remixes, Nintendo remains steadfast in its efforts to protect its intellectual property and prevent any unauthorized activities that could tarnish its reputation.

Nintendo’s emphasis on protecting its brand presence on social media is a crucial aspect of its overall strategy to uphold its values and reputation. By actively addressing cases of inappropriate use of its IP and games, Nintendo aims to create a safe and enjoyable experience for its consumers while preserving the integrity of its brand.


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