Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, has recently introduced a beta tool that allows users to create curated playlists based on text descriptions. This new AI Playlist beta feature is currently available to Spotify Premium subscribers in the United Kingdom and Australia, with plans to expand to other regions in the future.

AI Playlist Generation Process

Users can access the AI Playlist generator by navigating to their library on the Spotify mobile app and selecting the “+” button. From there, they can choose the AI Playlist option and input text prompts such as “music to read to on a cold, rainy day.” The AI will then generate a playlist of 30 songs that match the given vibe, which can be further refined with additional prompts like “more sad music.”

In testing, the AI Playlist feature demonstrated an impressive ability to match songs to niche prompts. For example, it successfully created a playlist of rave-appropriate techno music when prompted to generate a playlist that would “make me feel like a vampire hunter from Blade (1998).” The playlist was even titled “Blade’s Essence” without any additional input.

While the AI Playlist feature shows promise, there are limitations to be aware of. It will not produce results for non-music-related prompts such as current events or specific brands. Spotify has also implemented measures to prevent offensive prompts from being used. The company has stated that it will continue to refine and improve the generative playlist feature in the coming months.

Overall, Spotify’s AI Playlist beta tool offers users a fast and convenient way to create customized playlists based on text descriptions. It serves as both a time-saving tool for playlist creation and a music discovery tool for users looking to explore new tunes that align with a specific aesthetic. While there may be implications for pricing increases in the future, the introduction of this feature enhances the overall user experience on the platform. Stay tuned for updates on the expansion of the beta to other regions.


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