Unistellar, a French company known for its smart telescopes, is now venturing into the world of binoculars with the launch of the Envision. These binoculars boast a unique augmented reality projection system that can identify and label over a million landmarks, including mountains, trails, and more than 200,000 objects in the night sky. This innovative approach brings a new level of functionality to traditional binoculars, providing users with contextual information in real-time. However, the company is relying on a crowdfunding campaign to create its first prototypes, with delivery not expected until late 2025.

The Envision binoculars connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, utilizing the device’s GPS and other sensors to determine the user’s location. Through a dedicated app, users can access an online database with millions of cartographic items, including celestial objects. For users in remote locations with limited connectivity, downloading offline maps and data ahead of time is necessary. The binoculars feature a battery life of five hours or approximately 1,000 engagements per charge. In the event of battery depletion, the Envision can still function as regular binoculars.

In addition to its advanced functionality, the Envision binoculars offer a unique feature that allows one person to lock onto a target and then pass the binoculars to another individual, who will see directional indicators guiding them to the same target. This feature enhances the user experience and promotes accessibility for all individuals. Unistellar is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Envision binoculars to consumers, offering early bird backers the opportunity to preorder a pair at a discounted price of $699. Despite the discounted price, delivery for these backers is not expected until November 2025.

While Unistellar has a solid track record of delivering successful devices, there is always a risk associated with crowdfunding campaigns. The company is still in the process of developing industrial prototypes of the Envision binoculars, with expectations to have them ready by January 2025. For those considering backing this innovative product, it may be wise to wait until next year to assess the progress and potential risks associated with the project. As with any new technology, patience and careful consideration are key to making an informed decision.


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