The captivating melodies of the 2D adventure game Norco were so exceptional that I actually purchased the soundtrack on Steam. Given this, I was thrilled to discover that developer Geography of Robots have placed a heavy emphasis on music and dancing in the demo of their upcoming project, Silenus.

Immersive Experience

Silenus presents a shift from the Southern gothic theme of Norco to a techno industrial vibe, while still maintaining a hint of gothic elements. Players are invited to explore and uncover the mysteries within an oil refinery controlled by a mysterious organization in this narrative-driven adventure. The opportunity to freely move between screens adds a unique dimension to the gameplay experience.

The developers have cleverly named the demo the ‘Umbilical Pre-Release Demo’, tying it back to the album Umbilical created by contributors Thou, who also worked on the Norco soundtrack. By engaging with the demo, players can unlock the complete album and enjoy it within the game. This innovative approach to integrating music into the gameplay enhances the overall immersion of the player.

In Silenus, players assume the role of Titian, an android belonging to the enigmatic company Rubens Link, which has assumed control of the Gulf Flow oil refinery. The storyline revolves around unraveling the company’s true intentions through interactions with various characters, exploration of the refinery’s facilities, and solving puzzles by deciphering clues found in computer logs and journals left behind by missing workers.

While Norco impressed with its haunting 2D visuals set in South Louisiana, Silenus takes a bold step into the realm of 3D graphics, offering a completely different visual aesthetic. This shift showcases the versatility and creativity of Geography of Robots, demonstrating their ability to venture into uncharted territories without confining themselves to a single style or setting.

It is important to note that Silenus is currently in the early stages of development, allowing ample time for players to delve into the world of Norco while eagerly anticipating the release of this new adventure. Despite the differences in visual presentation and gameplay mechanics, the essence of captivating storytelling and immersive music remains a consistent thread in both projects.

Silenus promises to be a groundbreaking experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional narrative-driven adventures. With a strong focus on music, exploration, and puzzle-solving, players can expect to embark on a thought-provoking journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Geography of Robots continues to demonstrate their prowess in game development, offering fresh and engaging experiences for players to enjoy.


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