In the realm of gaming, there exists a unique experience that combines the thrill of dungeon conquest with the excitement of gambling tools – Slice & Dice. This innovative game, initially launched in 2020, is a gauntlet of fantasy turn-based battles where players must strategically map attacks, abilities, buffs, and debuffs onto the faces of dice. With each roll, the player embarks on a journey filled with new challenges and opportunities to customize their party of heroes.

A typical run in Slice & Dice consists of 20 battles against increasingly dangerous foes, each presenting a unique challenge. Players start with a random party of five basic heroes, each with their own set of abilities mapped onto dice faces. Rolling the dice determines which actions the player can take during their turn, adding an element of chance and strategy to the gameplay. As the game progresses, players have the opportunity to level up their party, acquiring new classes and abilities that further enhance their gameplay experience.

The Complexity of Dice Mechanics

One of the key aspects of Slice & Dice is the intricate dice mechanics that govern gameplay. Temporary buffs and debuffs can alter the effectiveness of dice faces, requiring players to adapt their strategies on the fly. Additionally, items obtained throughout the game can be used to upgrade, augment, or replace dice faces, allowing for a high level of customization and strategic depth. Players must carefully consider their party’s builds and item choices to maximize their chances of success in battle.

With the recent release of Update 3.0, Slice & Dice has introduced a host of new features, including additional heroes, items, enemies, ability keywords, and the option to create custom game modes. This update has added a new layer of complexity and replayability to the game, providing both newcomers and veterans with fresh challenges to overcome.

Slice & Dice is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, priced at £7.50/€8.79/$8.99. The game is also accessible on Android and Apple devices, allowing players to experience the thrill of fantasy battles on the go. While the game can still be purchased on Itch, the price is slightly higher due to the inclusion of both PC and Android versions.

Slice & Dice offers a rich and engaging gameplay experience that seamlessly blends fantasy battles with dice mechanics. With its strategic depth, customization options, and frequent updates, the game provides players with a unique and compelling gaming experience that is sure to keep them coming back for more.


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