Rumors suggest that The Last of Us Part II will be making its way to the PC platform, following in the footsteps of its predecessor. The PC port of the game has reportedly been in development since at least 2021 and was said to have been completed as early as last November. Despite the completion of development, fans may have to wait until 2025 for the official release date.

It is speculated whether the PC release of The Last of Us Part II will be based on the remastered version of the game that was previously released for the PS5. The remaster of the first installment of the game brought significant improvements to gameplay elements, AI, visuals, and additional modes for players to enjoy. However, the gap between the original release of Part II and its remaster was shorter, potentially resulting in less drastic visual improvements.

Although the development of the PC port of The Last of Us Part II has been completed, the anticipated release date may be delayed to allow breathing room for the console version. This delay could also coincide with the launch of the second season of the live-action HBO adaptation, which is expected to cover the intense storyline of the game.

Official Confirmation and Speculation

Despite the rumors and speculations surrounding the PC release of The Last of Us Part II, Sony has not yet made any official announcements. The absence of the game from recent State of Play showcases has left fans eagerly anticipating any news regarding its availability on PC. As more PlayStation exclusives make their way to the PC platform, it is anticipated that The Last of Us 2 will eventually follow suit.

While the completion of development for The Last of Us Part II’s PC port is an exciting prospect for fans, the prolonged wait for its release date may test the patience of many. The anticipation for the game’s arrival on PC continues to grow, and fans can only hope that the wait will be worth it in the end.


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