The much-anticipated Helldivers 2 patch has finally been released, bringing with it a slew of changes and improvements. One of the key focuses of this update is the enhancement of the Galactic War table, along with rebalancing of weapons and Stratagems. Notably, several Stratagems have been adjusted in this new patch. The rocket, machine gun, autocannon, gatling, and mortar sentries have all undergone modifications, such as an 80% increase in durability and reduced spread with larger targets being prioritized for the rocket sentry. Moreover, the machine gun sentry now has a reduced cooldown from 180 to 120 seconds.

Aside from adjustments to Stratagems and weapons, the Helldivers 2 patch also includes numerous tweaks to gameplay mechanics. For instance, cooldown times for the orbital gatling, orbital precision, and orbital airburst have been decreased. Additionally, the damage output of anti-personnel and incendiary mines has been boosted, while the rocket pods now have improved targeting and armor penetration capabilities. Notably, the Eruptor has received a damage buff from 420 to 570 per shot. These changes aim to provide players with a wider array of viable options for loadouts and improve overall gameplay balance.

Several gameplay adjustments have been implemented in the new patch as well. The AA-Defenses modifier, which previously reduced the player’s Stratagem count by one, has been removed. Furthermore, the ‘Retrieve Essential Personnel’ mission has been removed from the game. Super Samples now spawn on difficulty six and above, instead of level seven, making them more accessible to players. Additionally, first-person crosshairs have been updated for better readability. Fire Tornadoes no longer actively hunt players and move in more random directions, while Tremors have had their spawning patterns adjusted to feel more randomized. Various planets have seen adjustments to their fog levels, making them less dense and harsh. Unexploded Hellbombs will now immediately explode upon impact with a strong enough weapon.

In terms of the Galactic War table, supply lines are now visible to players. Previously, supply lines were not displayed on the map to reduce clutter and improve readability. However, based on community feedback, Arrowhead has implemented a solution to show them on the map while maintaining overall readability. This change aims to provide players with more insight into the game’s systems and improve their strategic decision-making.

The latest Helldivers 2 patch introduces a wealth of improvements and enhancements to the game, ranging from changes to weapons and Stratagems to gameplay tweaks and mission adjustments. These updates aim to provide players with a more balanced and enjoyable experience, while also addressing feedback from the community. With a focus on variety and viability, this patch sets the stage for an even more engaging gameplay experience in Helldivers 2.


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