Following a somewhat turbulent launch, Aspyr has released a significant update for the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection on the Nintendo Switch. This update primarily focuses on enhancing the multiplayer mode and dedicated servers, promising players a much smoother and enjoyable experience across all platforms. Aspyr has assured its community that the work on the next major update, dubbed “Update II,” is already in progress and will bring even more improvements. Players are encouraged to report any bugs, errors, or unexpected behaviors they encounter via the support form provided by Aspyr.

Aspyr’s official support page offers a detailed list of changes made in this update. Among the key fixes are improvements to multiplayer stability such as resolving crashes related to client message sends and ensuring password-locked games no longer appear in the Quick Match option. Additionally, control schemes have been adjusted to address crashes and visibility issues in split-screen mode and Galactic Conquest. Visual enhancements include fixing textures on various maps, resolving issues with crosshair image sizing, and aligning various in-game elements to better fit widescreen displays.

Players will also notice adjustments made to Hero Assault mode, specifically in the capabilities of Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto. The lightsaber animations and Force powers of these characters have been refined for a more polished gameplay experience. In terms of audio, various sound effects and music have been fine-tuned for better immersion in the game. Fixes include resolving crashes related to audio output devices and addressing volume inconsistencies with certain hero characters’ weapons.

The update also includes numerous bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements to ensure a smoother overall experience. Issues such as soft locks at the Victory screen, collision problems on multiple maps, and incorrect deductions in the reinforcements system have been rectified. Moreover, quality-of-life adjustments like resetting Map and Mode settings, addressing load failures, and aligning Quit and Register Your Game buttons have been implemented for player convenience.

If you are a player of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection on the Nintendo Switch, we would love to hear about your experience with the latest update. Have you noticed a significant improvement in multiplayer stability and visual enhancements? How do you feel about the hero re-balancing and audio fixes implemented in this update? Share your thoughts and feedback on the latest changes made by Aspyr to enhance your gaming experience. Let’s discuss the impact of these updates on the overall gameplay and whether they have addressed any previous issues you encountered.


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