The Stellar Blade Lost Ark puzzle is a challenging task that players must complete to unlock a passcode for a locked door in Xion. However, deciphering the puzzle can be quite tricky as it involves finding specific terminal locations and entering a sequence into a console to proceed with the mission. For those who may be struggling with this puzzle, this article will provide a detailed explanation of the process, including the locations of the terminals in Xion and how to effectively solve the Lost Ark puzzle in Stellar Blade.

To access the Lost Ark as part of Stellar Blade’s side mission, players must input a passcode consisting of various characters. The passcode required to unlock the door is: 0ukaEr / θμκαες120632.

The solution to the puzzle can be found on a document next to the Lost Ark’s door, which states “Turn Xion, turn clockwise!” This clue indicates that there are six terminals scattered throughout Xion, each displaying a single digit of the passcode. To unveil these terminals, players must search for them in concealed locations within Xion and follow the clockwise order to enter the digits based on the positioning of each terminal.

– θ: Found in the top-right alley of Xion.
– μ: Located on the right side when approaching the stairs north of the hair salon.
– κ: Discovered in the alley that curves north of the Bulletin Board.
– α: Positioned at the end of the first street on the left upon entering Xion.
– ε: Found on the steps leading down to the Sister’s Junk shop.
– ς120632: Located in the outdoor cafe in the central Xion plaza, on the left when ascending the steps.

Once all terminals have been located and the digits of the passcode collected, players must input the code into the Lost Ark terminal to unlock the door and progress further into the mission. It is important to note that players cannot input the passcode until Eve, the character, is aware of it within the game’s narrative.

The Lost Ark puzzle in Stellar Blade presents an intriguing challenge for players to overcome. By following the steps outlined in this guide and locating the terminals strategically placed throughout Xion, players can successfully unlock the passcode and access the Lost Ark. Remember to pay attention to the clues provided within the game and utilize the clockwise order to input the digits correctly. Good luck on your adventure in Stellar Blade!


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