When Apple phased out the M1 MacBook Air in favor of the newer M3 version, many fans mourned the loss of the iconic wedge shape. However, just when it seemed like the M1 Air was gone for good, Walmart made a surprising announcement. For the first time, customers can purchase the M1 MacBook Air from Walmart’s online store at a discounted price of $699. Meanwhile, Best Buy, which was initially selling the laptop for $999.99, quickly adjusted its price to $649.99 to compete with Walmart’s deal. These discounted prices are even lower than recent promotions that had brought the laptop down to $749.

Limited Options, But Worth Considering

Both Walmart and Best Buy are offering brand new M1 MacBook Airs, not refurbished models. However, customers are limited to the base model, which includes 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. While some may be hesitant about the relatively small amount of RAM and storage, the significantly reduced price helps alleviate some of those concerns. It’s important to note that this deal may not last forever, as it remains unclear how long Apple will continue to supply Walmart and other retailers with new M1 Airs.

A Win for Fans of the Wedge Shape

For fans of the M1 MacBook Air’s iconic wedge shape, the news of its return to store shelves is undoubtedly exciting. Whether this is a short-term arrangement to clear out existing stock or a long-term opportunity for customers remains to be seen. Regardless, the fact that consumers now have the option to purchase the beloved M1 Air at a discounted price is a welcome development. The enduring popularity of the M1 Air proves that good design and reliable performance never go out of style.


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