The gaming community is abuzz with excitement as Steam launches its Remote Play Together 2024 Fest. This event celebrates the joy of co-op gaming by bringing discounts and demos for a variety of co-op games on the popular digital storefront.

From Monday, February 12th until Saturday, February 24th at 10am PT (6pm GMT), gamers can indulge in the festivities of the fest. Steam’s Remote Play category will showcase the games that are included in the event, offering a glimpse of what’s in store.

The trailer for the fest features a lineup of exciting games, hinting at potential discounts during the event. Titles like Castle Crashers, Children Of Morta, River City Girls 2, Overcooked! 2, and Enter The Gungeon are among the highlighted games. These games are known for their engaging co-op gameplay, making them perfect for playing with friends online.

While some games come with built-in support for online co-op, many smaller titles only offer local co-op gameplay. This is where Remote Play comes in handy, allowing players to enjoy these games with friends over the internet. Gone are the days of gathering around a single screen – now, players can connect virtually and embark on co-op adventures together.

As a gamer who has embraced Remote Play, I can attest to its seamless performance. The technology works like magic, eliminating lag and ensuring a smooth gaming experience. Whether you’re playing with friends across the globe or just down the street, Remote Play brings people together through the power of online co-op.

Steam’s Remote Play Together 2024 Fest is a celebration of co-op gaming at its finest. With discounts, demos, and a wide selection of games to choose from, this event is a must-attend for any co-op enthusiast. So gather your friends, log on to Steam, and join in on the fun – the world of online co-op gaming awaits!


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