Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader recently received a colossal new update that has left players in awe of the extensive changes that have been made. The patch notes alone span a staggering 17,000 words, indicating the sheer magnitude of this update. For a game that has been described as “engrossing, obscure, and absolutely exhausting” by our very own review, this update promises to breathe new life into the grimdark space-aristocrat RPG.

Among the myriad of changes introduced in the update, some of the key highlights include a brand new full voiceover for the Prologue and companion chatter, new visual effects and icons, narrative tweaks, and reactivity options. Furthermore, players can expect fixes for broken quests and dialogues, corrections for inconsistent epilogues, and a multitude of adjustments to abilities and items that were not functioning as intended. The balance of the game has also been reworked, with buffs to Space Marines’ survivability and damage, nerfs for Officers, weapon balance improvements, and changes to various stats and difficulty modifiers to enhance the overall gaming experience.

In addition to the gameplay changes, the update also brings performance improvements and optimizations to ensure a smoother gaming experience. Reputation thresholds for vendors have been lowered, NPC AI has been enhanced to reduce friendly fire incidents, and co-op desync issues have been addressed. Quality of life improvements such as ability sorting, recommended skills, and better quest visibility on the map have also been implemented to streamline the gameplay.

With such extensive changes to the game, players are advised to rebuild their party to adapt to the new dynamics. As a gesture of goodwill, all current party members in existing saves will receive a free respec to reallocate their abilities and stats. For those who have not yet reached the point where respecs unlock, a special ability has been granted to provide a one-time free respec. Players are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to optimize their party composition in light of the update.

While the developers have referred to this update as the “first major update”, it is worth noting that a previous patch was labeled as the “third major patch”. This discrepancy raises questions about the significance of this update in relation to previous ones. However, one thing is clear – the scale of changes introduced in this update is monumental, marking a new era for Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader.

The massive overhaul of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader through this update signifies a commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for players. With a plethora of changes ranging from gameplay improvements to performance optimizations, this update sets a new standard for the game. Players are encouraged to explore the updated features, rebuild their party, and make the most of the free respecs to fully experience the revamped Rogue Trader universe.


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