Swiss company Micro, known for producing the Microlino electric bubble car, has recently introduced the Microlino Lite at the Geneva Motor Show. This microcar, with a top speed of 45km/h, is specifically designed for urban dwellers looking for a convenient mode of transportation within densely populated cities.

Features and Specifications

The Microlino Lite is a compact vehicle, measuring 2.5m long, 1.47m wide, and 1.5m high, with a curb weight of under 600kg. Despite its small size, it offers a surprisingly spacious interior with a steel unibody design. The vehicle comes equipped with 6kW of power (9kW peak) and is classified as an L6e vehicle, making it accessible to anyone with an AM-class moped license in Europe.

The Microlino Lite comes with a base 5.5kWh battery, offering a range of approximately 100km on a single charge. For those looking for extended range, there is an option for an 11kWh battery pack that can provide a maximum range of 177km. Charging the 5.5kWh battery from 0 to 80 percent takes about two hours from a 2.2kW Type 2 charger, while the larger 11kWh battery requires around four hours for a full charge.

Pricing and Lease Options

Micro is offering the Microlino Lite for lease at a starting price of CHF149 per month for a 48-month lease with a 5,000km/year mileage limit. This makes it a cost-effective option for urbanites looking for a convenient mode of transportation in crowded city streets. Compared to other electric microcars on the market, the Microlino Lite provides a more affordable alternative.

Design and Customization

Available in blue or anthracite grey, the Microlino Lite offers options for both a base and an upgraded premium interior. The premium interior includes features such as vegan leather seats, velour seat bench, side pockets, Bluetooth speaker, and a smartphone holder. The vehicle also comes with a sunroof and a spacious 230-liter trunk, adding to its practicality for city commutes and errands.

While the Microlino Lite is initially targeting the European market, Micro has stated that the vehicle is eligible for registration in the US as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). Preorders for the Microlino Lite have already begun, with deliveries expected to start in early summer. Micro aims to have the first Microlino Lite vehicles in the US by the end of 2024, expanding its reach beyond Europe.

The Microlino Lite offers a practical and environmentally friendly option for urbanites looking to navigate the congested streets of modern cities. With its compact size, agile performance, and affordable lease options, the Microlino Lite presents a compelling choice for those seeking a convenient and sustainable mode of transportation.


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