The Steam Next Fest demo event for February has come to an end, and Valve has released the list of the 50 most played games during the week-long extravaganza. Surprisingly, the most popular game on the list was Dungeonborne, a game that was only officially announced at the end of January. With its blend of PvPvE dungeon crawling and fantasy creatures, Dungeonborne managed to capture the attention of the Next Fest participants. According to developers Mithril Interactive, the game had over 19,000 concurrent players during the playtest, propelling it from obscurity to the top 50 most played games in just two weeks since its announcement.

In a blog post on Steam, the developers of Dungeonborne expressed their gratitude for the feedback received during Next Fest, stating that it has reaffirmed their vision for the game. They highlighted areas such as class balancing, gear distribution, anti-cheat measures, and overall gameplay improvements that they will be focusing on based on the feedback received. The developers assured players that every piece of feedback will be carefully reviewed and incorporated into their future development plans.

Aside from Dungeonborne, several other familiar names made it to the top 50 list of most played games during Steam Next Fest. Games like Stormgate, Pacific Drive, Homeworld 3, Backpack Battles, Balatro, Millenia, and Deviator were among the top contenders. The list includes a variety of genres, showcasing the diverse interests of Next Fest participants. While some games were highly anticipated, others pleasantly surprised players with their unique gameplay mechanics and intriguing storylines.

Despite the success of the top 50 games, there were still gems like Until Then that did not receive as much attention as they deserved. The demo for Until Then is still available for players to experience, offering a chance to discover hidden gems that may have been overlooked during Next Fest. The event may be over, but the demos are still accessible, allowing players to explore new worlds, characters, and gameplay mechanics at their own pace.

Steam Next Fest showcased a wide range of games, from indie darlings to highly anticipated titles. The top 50 most played games during the event reflected the diverse interests of players, highlighting the unique gameplay experiences that each game has to offer. As the gaming community continues to grow and evolve, events like Next Fest provide a platform for developers to connect with players, gather feedback, and fine-tune their games for a successful launch. With a mix of established favorites and hidden gems, Steam Next Fest demonstrated the creativity and innovation present in the gaming industry today.


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