At PAX East, Final Fantasy fans were left buzzing after producer Yoshi-P dropped some hints about something secret related to Final Fantasy 9. The upcoming Dawntrail expansion for Final Fantasy 14 is said to have pre-order and special edition bonus items that hint at a FF9 theme. Including an Ark mount that can transform into various forms and wind-up minions of Zidane and Garnet, these items have left fans speculating about the possibility of a Final Fantasy IX remake or remaster.

The excitement surrounding Yoshi-P’s tease is not without basis. Back in 2021, a leak from Nvidia’s GeForce Now service hinted at a remake of Final Fantasy IX. Since then, rumors have been swirling, but no official announcement has been made by Square Enix. With whispers of Final Fantasy remakes and remasters circulating in recent years, fans are eager to see if Final Fantasy 9 will be the next title to receive the treatment.

Series producer Yoshinori Kitase has contributed to the speculation around a Final Fantasy 9 remake by mentioning the challenges of remaking previous titles in the series. With the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Kitase hinted that remaking FF8 would be too much work and that a FF6 remake would take decades to complete. This brings into question the feasibility of a full-blown Final Fantasy 9 remake. However, the possibility of a remaster similar to Final Fantasy 8 Remastered remains on the table.

While fans may hold out hope for a Final Fantasy 9 remake or remaster, the more likely scenario is a FF9-themed crossover event in Final Fantasy 14. Yoshi-P’s tease at PAX East may simply be a hint at upcoming content in the MMO rather than a hint at a full-fledged remake. As Dawntrail approaches its release date on June 28th, fans will have to wait and see what surprises Square Enix has in store for them. In the meantime, the current version of Final Fantasy IX on PC remains a beloved title among fans, showcasing the timeless appeal of the game.

Overall, the mystery of Final Fantasy 9’s future continues to intrigue fans, with speculations running rampant about the potential for a remake or remaster. As the gaming community eagerly awaits official news from Square Enix, the fantasy world of Final Fantasy 9 remains a cherished memory for many players, regardless of future developments.


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