Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead Studios, has hinted at the emergence of a new alien species or enemy faction in Helldivers 2. In response to a player’s request for in-game collaborations, such as a potential Predator crossover, Pilestedt teased the possibility of a Predator-like alien species seeking revenge in the Helldivers universe. This mysterious faction is said to have been exiled from the galaxy and is now plotting vengeance against the players.

Some players speculated that the new enemy faction could be the Illuminate, a faction from the first Helldivers game that was believed to have been defeated. When questioned about this, Pilestedt humorously replied, “I prefer Enlightened but thank you.” The Illuminate is rumored to be joining the galactic war table in Helldivers 2, alongside other adversaries like the Terminids and the Automatons. Signs of the Illuminate have already been spotted in-game, with reports of psionically-powered beings and mysterious blue beams sniping Helldivers.

Despite the speculation surrounding the Illuminate’s appearance, Pilestedt dispelled the rumors by denying any undemocratic intentions. While the exiled Helldivers faction shares some similarities with Predators in terms of cloaking abilities and long-range attacks, their appearance more closely resembles the wrinkled Prophets from Halo. With ceremonial robes and squid-like builds, these aliens are far from an apex predator capable of facing off against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As players eagerly await the introduction of this new alien threat in Helldivers 2, only time will reveal the true nature of the enemy faction. Will the Illuminate rise once again to challenge the brave Helldivers of Super Earth, or is a completely different adversary lurking in the shadows? With Pilestedt’s tantalizing teaser, the anticipation for the game’s release grows stronger as players prepare to face their next galactic challenge.


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