Since its launch in late May 2024, Ubisoft’s free-to-play competitive shooter XDefiant has garnered strong praise and enthusiasm from its burgeoning community. Players are actively engaging with the game on a daily basis, participating in matches, exploring new seasonal content, and reaping the rewards of their efforts. The community appears to be in a state of rude health, pointing towards a promising future for XDefiant.

Recently, one data miner took it upon themselves to delve deep into the game files of XDefiant, unearthing information about potential new factions that may be introduced in the future. According to the findings shared by Rogue TX on Twitter and Kotaku, four new factions are likely to make their debut in XDefiant over the coming year. These factions include Assassins (Assassin’s Creed), Operators (Ghost Recon Breakpoint), GSG9 (Rainbow Six Siege), and The Highwaymen (Far Cry: New Dawn).

However, the most intriguing discovery made by Rogue TX was the hint at two unconventional factions that could be in the works for XDefiant – The Crew and the Rabbids. While The Crew faction might seem plausible, the idea of a Rabbids faction piques the curiosity of many players. How would humanoid rabbits wielding guns and engaging in combat with human characters play out in a shooter game like XDefiant?

The thought of incorporating the quirky and comedic Rabbids into XDefiant is both intriguing and amusing. Imagining the chaos that would ensue from a clash between muddy, grungy humans and the zany Rabbids is a tantalizing prospect. While it is more likely that any Rabbids faction in XDefiant would consist of humans dressed as Rabbids, the idea of giving them bunny ears or incorporating their signature screeching sounds adds an element of unpredictability to the game.

Despite some hints being taken down in DMCA filings, there is still a glimmer of hope that the Rabbids faction may become a reality in XDefiant. The potential for Ubisoft to introduce such a whimsical and unexpected element into the game is exciting, as it could pave the way for even more creative crossover factions in the future.

The inclusion of a Rabbids faction in XDefiant has the potential to inject a sense of unpredictability and enjoyment into the game. Players are eager to witness how Ubisoft will bring this bizarre concept to life and are hopeful for the possibility of other unusual crossover factions, such as Just Dance, making an appearance in the game.

As the community eagerly anticipates the reveal of Ubisoft’s future plans for XDefiant, the prospect of a Rabbids faction looms as an exciting and intriguing possibility. Only time will tell if this whimsical addition will come to fruition, but the excitement and curiosity surrounding its potential introduction are palpable. Stay tuned to see what wild and wonderful surprises Ubisoft has in store for XDefiant.


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