Overwatch 2 has gained quite a reputation for its high-priced cosmetics. It’s not uncommon to come across skins that are priced around $25, which is a hefty sum for just one in-game outfit. Surprisingly, this price is $5 more than what the original Overwatch’s standard edition used to cost before Overwatch 2 took its place. The shift in the sequel’s monetization strategy raised eyebrows not only among players but also within the development team at Blizzard.

Game director Aaron Keller recently admitted in a roundtable interview with GamesRadar+ that Blizzard had concerns about the game’s success solely relying on cosmetic purchases. Keller mentioned that the development of a game’s funding mechanism can quickly become complex. The team initially questioned whether Overwatch 2, with its focus on cosmetic items for a wide range of heroes, would be able to thrive under this model.

Despite the ongoing display of expensive skins, there is a silver lining for free-to-play Overwatch 2 participants. Starting from season 10, all new heroes will be accessible to everyone immediately. Previously, only Premium Battle Pass holders had early access to new characters, while others had to unlock them gradually through the Free Battle Pass. In addition to this change, previously locked heroes will also be instantly available to all players, except for new users who must complete the initial user experience before gaining access.

Keller acknowledged during the interview that after observing data from various seasons, it became clear that the game could thrive without tying new heroes exclusively to the Battle Pass. This shift in strategy aims to provide a more inclusive experience for all players, regardless of their Battle Pass subscription status.

The world of Overwatch 2 cosmetics is undeniably extravagant. Despite initial concerns about the game’s monetization model, Blizzard continues to release pricey skins that challenge the wallets of dedicated players. However, with the recent decision to make new heroes accessible to all players, Overwatch 2 is taking steps towards a more inclusive and player-friendly environment. Only time will tell if these changes will be enough to satisfy the player base and ensure the game’s continued success.


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