Inkbound, a cooperative game featuring tight turn-based combat and roguelike progression, is set to release its full 1.0 version in April. Developed by the creators of Monster Train, this game has been in early access for almost a year and has received positive feedback from the community.

Inkbound offers a unique gameplay experience where players take on the role of a magical-writing-gifted character named Needless. The objective is to prevent stories from fading away by embarking on a quest filled with top-down roguelike battles. What sets this game apart is the option to play with up to three other players, adding a cooperative element to the gameplay.

Since its initial launch in early access, the developers of Inkbound have been working tirelessly to improve the game. They have introduced new quests, trinkets, and gameplay content while addressing community feedback. One significant change was the removal of microtransactions, a decision made based on player criticism.

With the upcoming release of Inkbound 1.0 on April 10th, players can expect a new questline titled “Rise of the Unbound.” This questline will serve as the finale to Inkbound’s story and will introduce a challenging final boss battle. Additionally, the game will feature new cutscenes, full voice acting, and faster progression to enhance the overall narrative experience.

Inkbound 1.0 will also include various quality-of-life updates to enhance gameplay. These updates will focus on general balancing, complete controller support, and full offline playability. Players can look forward to a smoother gaming experience, especially for those playing on devices like the Steam Deck without an internet connection.

Leading up to the 1.0 launch in April, Shiny Shoe is offering a special sale on Inkbound until March 6th, with a 20% discount off the original price. After the sale period ends, the standard price will be $30. Therefore, players interested in Inkbound are encouraged to take advantage of the discount before the price increase.

Inkbound’s transition to its full 1.0 version is highly anticipated by fans of the game. With new content, improvements, and a challenging final boss, players can expect an enhanced gameplay experience in this upcoming release.


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