The gaming world was recently hit with an unexpected announcement that had fans of a certain platformer jumping for joy. Forget what you saw at State of Play – the real bombshell came in the form of the return of Tomba, a beloved game that has held a special place in the hearts of many gamers for decades.

The Return of Tomba: Special Edition

Tomba: Special Edition is set to make its grand comeback on August 1, gracing the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. The special edition will come packed with exciting new features, including analog control options, a rewind feature, the ability to save anywhere, and a museum section brimming with nostalgic content such as old advertisements, packaging materials, and development documents.

The original 1998 release of Tomba was spearheaded by Tokuro Fujiwara, a seasoned developer with an impressive portfolio under his belt. Known for his work on classic Capcom titles like Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Commando, Fujiwara is also credited with directing Sweet Home, an early survival horror game for the NES. His vision for a remake of Sweet Home ultimately led to the creation of the iconic Resident Evil series, where he took on the role of producer.

Following his tenure at Capcom, Fujiwara established his own independent studio, Whoopee Camp, where he embarked on the development of Tomba. In a gaming landscape dominated by 3D action titles, Tomba dared to be different with its 2D platformer gameplay. Despite the era’s prevailing trends, Tomba managed to captivate players with its open-ended exploration and diverse array of side quests.

Reflecting on the game’s legacy, Fujiwara believes that Tomba was ahead of its time in many ways. Describing it as an early example of an open-world title, he highlights the game’s expansive world filled with a multitude of activities and collectibles. Players were given the freedom to tackle tasks and objectives at their own pace, with the option to skip certain challenges entirely.

The revival of Tomba through the Special Edition release is a testament to the enduring appeal of this cult classic. With updated features and a new generation of platforms to explore, fans both old and new are sure to find delight in rediscovering the magic of this beloved game.


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