Destiny 2 players are no strangers to the fear instilled by the powerful trio of Recluse, The Mountaintop, and Luna’s Howl. These weapons, which dominated the game in the past, are making a comeback in the upcoming Into the Light update. While this news has sparked excitement among fans, there is also a sense of caution lingering in the air. Will these weapons once again ruin the game for everyone?

In an effort to prevent a return to the chaos of the past, Bungie has made significant changes to these legendary weapons. Recluse, infamous for its Master of Arms perk, has been toned down to ensure it is more balanced in comparison to other damage perks. The damage bonus has been reduced to 15%, a significant decrease from its previous overpowering state.

Similarly, The Mountaintop has undergone modifications to make it more viable in both PvP and PvE scenarios. The micro-missile perk, which previously caused havoc in PvP matches, has been adjusted to no longer allow one-hit kills. Instead, Bungie has focused on increasing its impact damage while maintaining its usability as a competitive grenade launcher.

Luna’s Howl, known for its ability to quickly eliminate opponents in PvP, has also received a makeover. The weapon now requires more precise kills to trigger its two-tap damage buff, making it a more skill-based choice for players. While the potential for dominance still exists, the changes aim to make it more balanced in the overall gameplay experience.

The return of these legendary weapons brings a mix of excitement and apprehension for Destiny 2 players. While the adjustments made by Bungie aim to create a more balanced and fair environment, the lingering memories of past dominance still raise concerns among the community. Only time will tell if these changes are enough to prevent history from repeating itself in the world of Destiny 2.


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