In the realm of animated series, the return of a new Gundam installment is a rare and noteworthy event. With a seven-year hiatus, Mobile Suit Gundam made its comeback in 2023 with The Witch from Mercury, marking the fifteenth mainline entry in the beloved franchise.

Set in the new “Ad Stella” continuity, The Witch from Mercury ventures beyond the traditional Universal Century timeline, offering a fresh perspective on the Gundam universe. This shift paves the way for a new narrative that delves into the intricate human stories behind the iconic mecha mobile suits, highlighting the devastating impacts of war.

Unlike its predecessors, The Witch from Mercury introduces a conflict that unfolds between corporations, space colonists, and residents of Earth. The series presents a unique take on the concept of mobile suits, weaving together a tapestry of characters that navigate through heart-wrenching drama, Shakespearian tragedies, and thought-provoking anti-capitalist themes.

Apart from its compelling storyline, The Witch from Mercury offers a visual feast for fans with its slick animation and striking character designs. The steelbook cases and disc art accompanying the Blu-ray release add an extra layer of allure to the series, featuring Suletta Mercury and Miorine Rembran alongside their respective mechs.

While the series excels in storytelling and presentation, the Blu-ray editions of The Witch from Mercury are somewhat sparse in terms of bonus content. Each season consists of 13 episodes spread across two discs, accompanied by promo videos and clean credit sequences. Despite the lack of extensive extras, the core narrative and visual experience are sufficient to captivate audiences.

For those seeking more Gundam adventures, Amazon offers additional Blu-ray deals on existing series like Iron-Blooded Orphans and The 08th MS Team. Iron-Blooded Orphans delves into the harrowing tale of child soldiers piloting mobile suits in a fight for freedom, while The 08th MS Team follows a resilient Gundam support crew navigating the perils of jungle warfare.

Through its innovative storytelling, engaging characters, and captivating visuals, The Witch from Mercury heralds a new era for the Gundam franchise, ensuring that fans old and new have much to look forward to in this exciting continuation of the beloved series.


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