In 2022, MultiVersus made its grand debut and captured the hearts of millions of players with its unique character combinations and fast-paced battles. However, just a year later in June 2023, Player First Games surprised everyone by announcing that the game was being pulled down, as its initial release was only an open beta. Many were left in confusion as there was no clear communication that the game would be taken down after the beta phase.

Despite the sudden exile of MultiVersus, there seems to be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. McDonald’s Australia has hinted at an upcoming collaboration with the game, teasing a “coming soon” toy line that will feature characters from MultiVersus. The toys, which are themed after various character pairs like Batman and Finn, Bugs Bunny and Wonder Woman, and Superman and Garnet, are speculated to be either cards or download codes housed in tin containers.

The collaboration with McDonald’s Australia could signal the imminent return of MultiVersus, potentially aligning with the planned full game relaunch in 2024. If the current promotion with Crash Team Rumble is nearing its end, we may see the MultiVersus toys hitting Happy Meals as early as March 2024. It would make perfect sense for the promotion to coincide with the game’s return, as there would be little point in promoting a game that is currently inactive.

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, the prospect of MultiVersus making a comeback is an exciting one for fans of the crossover brawler. As we eagerly anticipate more news on the collaboration with McDonald’s Australia, players are advised to keep an eye out for further updates. The return of MultiVersus could be just around the corner, and it’s something worth looking forward to.


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