The right-to-repair movement has been making strides in recent years, with states like California, New York, and Minnesota passing laws that empower consumers to repair their own devices. While access to parts and manuals is crucial, having the proper tools is also essential. Luckily, iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit is currently on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and iFixit for $59.96, offering a versatile set of tools at a discounted price.

At the core of the Pro Tech Toolkit is a 64-bit driver kit, accompanied by spudgers, tweezers, case-opening picks, a SIM removal tool, and a magnetic case that doubles as a sorting tray. The kit includes a well-curated selection of bits, such as pentalobe bits for opening iPhones, tri-wing bits for consoles like the Nintendo Switch, and Torx bits for vintage Apple computers. Additionally, it comes with basic Phillips and flatheads for various household tasks.

iFixit’s toolkit is a bestseller for a reason – it includes tweezers, spudgers, and, most importantly, a 64-piece driver kit with bits suitable for working on smartphones, laptops, and other electronics. The kit’s versatility and quality have made it a favorite among Verge staffers who enjoy tinkering with small gadgets and electronics.

For those considering foldable phones, the OnePlus Open is currently available on Amazon and OnePlus for $1399.99, offering a $300 discount. Despite being priced higher than some competitors like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Google Pixel Fold, the OnePlus Open offers great multitasking support, solid specs, and four years of OS upgrades. Its design also allows it to feel like a normal phone when closed, distinguishing it from bulkier options.

When it comes to charging devices, the Sharge Retro 67 charger offers a unique Macintosh-inspired design, available on Amazon for $44.99 with a $5 discount. This three-port USB-C PD and PPS charger can provide up to 67W of power through a single port and features a dot-matrix display to show power output. The charger has gained attention for its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Recently, a 2024 graduation gift guide was launched, featuring Verge-approved gift ideas for graduates. While not all items are discounted, the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack can be purchased for $160 at Backcountry, offering a $40 discount with a free Backcountry Expedition Perks membership. This carry-on backpack is made of durable ballistic nylon and includes organizational pockets for travel essentials.

Overall, having the right tools for DIY tech repairs can make a significant difference in the outcome. From the Pro Tech Toolkit’s versatile set of bits to the OnePlus Open foldable phone’s innovative design, these products offer practical solutions for tech enthusiasts and consumers alike. Investing in quality tools and devices can enhance the repair process and provide long-term value.


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