The Ring Car Cam, a dashcam/security camera hybrid, promised to revolutionize the way we protect our vehicles on the road and when parked. However, recent developments have shown that the product has faced significant delays and disappointments since its launch at CES 2023.

Ring has confirmed that it has stopped selling the Ring Car Cam due to ongoing delays in production. Customers who have tried to purchase the device in recent months have had their orders canceled, with no clear indication of when or if sales will resume in the future. This has left many consumers frustrated and questioning the viability of the product.

Early reviews of the Ring Car Cam highlighted its unique approach but also pointed out several shortcomings. The device was criticized for its low video quality, high monthly fees, and lack of integration with other Ring and Alexa devices. This made it difficult for consumers to justify its purchase as either a dedicated dashcam or a security camera for their vehicle.

Reports from Reddit and Ring’s support page have shown that many customers have been unable to get their hands on the Ring Car Cam since its initial release in January 2023. Orders have been delayed for months, with some customers being told that their device would not arrive until late in the year, only to have their orders canceled altogether. This has led to frustration and disappointment among those who were eagerly anticipating the product.

The Ring Car Cam’s rise and fall highlight the challenges of bringing innovative products to market. While the device showed promise in its early stages, it ultimately failed to meet consumer expectations due to delays, poor performance, and lackluster features. It serves as a cautionary tale for companies looking to break into the smart home and automotive space, emphasizing the importance of delivering on promises and meeting consumer needs.


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