The developers of the popular vampire survival game, V Rising, have announced a significant increase in the game’s price tag as it prepares for its full 1.0 launch. The current price of $19.99 will be permanently raised to $34.99 on April 5th, leaving players with only a limited time to purchase the game at its lower price point. Stunlock, the studio behind V Rising, defended this decision by highlighting the extensive content and development efforts that have gone into shaping the game over the past two years in early access.

Despite being still in development, V Rising has managed to impress players with its enjoyable mix of crafting, survival, and exploration mechanics. The game has undergone several improvements and updates during its early access phase, including reworked magic systems, new areas inspired by various creatures, and an expanded bestiary of challenging enemies and bosses. Additionally, players now have the ability to build their own castles within the game world.

The upcoming 1.0 release of V Rising, scheduled for May 5th, promises to bring even more enhancements to the game. Stunlock has outlined plans to make further tweaks to endgame PvP mechanics, offer more specialized armor and gear options for different character classes, and provide improved visuals and performance overall. The developers have also assured players that they will continue to support the game post-launch with additional features and updates based on player feedback.

Despite the substantial price increase, Stunlock believes that players will still be getting their money’s worth with the upcoming 1.0 release and beyond. The game is set to receive a major update at launch, including a crossover event with Castlevania, adding even more content and excitement for players. However, current owners of V Rising and those who purchase the game before April 5th will be able to access all existing and future content at the original price point. Additionally, the prices of DLC packs for the game will remain unchanged, providing players with flexibility in their purchasing decisions.

The price increase for V Rising may come as a surprise to some players, but it reflects the dedication and hard work that the developers have put into the game over the years. As V Rising prepares for its full release, players can look forward to an enhanced gaming experience with new content, features, and updates on the horizon. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure V Rising at its current price before the cost goes up on April 5th.


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