SpaceX’s Starlink internet-from-space service has been revolutionizing connectivity across the globe. Now, with the introduction of the compact DC-powered Starlink Mini, backpackers can benefit from high-speed internet access like never before.

The Starlink Mini is a game-changer in terms of size and functionality. Unlike its predecessors, this new device is about the size of a thick laptop and comes with an integrated Wi-Fi router inside the dish. Despite its smaller size, it is capable of delivering speeds exceeding 100Mbps, making it a powerful tool for travelers on the go. With an average power consumption of just 20-40W, the Mini is significantly more energy-efficient than previous Starlink terminals, making it ideal for use with portable power sources such as power banks.

Measuring at 11.75 x 10.2 x 1.45 inches and weighing just 2.43 pounds, the Starlink Mini is designed for portability. It also comes with an IP67 rating, ensuring protection from dust, rain, and even short periods of water immersion. This level of durability makes it suitable for outdoor use, perfect for backpackers exploring remote locations.

In the US, the Starlink Mini is offered as an add-on to Residential plans at an additional cost of $599. This price tag is $100 more than the standard dish, but the benefits it offers make it a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers. Moreover, users can opt for the Mini Roam service for an extra $30 per month on top of their existing $120 Residential plan, providing up to 50GB of mobile data each month. Additional data can be purchased for just $1 per GB, offering flexibility for users with varying needs.

While the Starlink Mini is currently available in select countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Panama, SpaceX has plans to expand its reach to more markets in the future. The company’s goal is to make connectivity more affordable and accessible to individuals worldwide, especially those in underserved areas where traditional internet options are limited.

The Starlink Mini represents a significant advancement in internet technology for backpackers and travelers seeking reliable connectivity on the go. With its compact size, energy efficiency, and high-speed capabilities, it is poised to become an essential tool for those exploring remote corners of the world. As SpaceX continues to expand its reach, the possibilities for global connectivity are boundless.


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