The battle against Galerius in Unicorn Overlord presents a significant challenge for players, especially due to the unique abilities and resistances of this level 10 boss. With over 150 HP, Galerius is not easy to defeat. One of the main reasons why this boss fight is so tough is because Galerius has the ability to reduce every member of the attacking unit to 1 HP, even though it cannot kill them. Additionally, he is highly resistant to physical attacks, limiting the damage most attackers can inflict to 15 or less. Furthermore, Galerius’ armor negates the first two attacks he receives, making it even more difficult to bring him down. Lastly, he is accompanied by two other knights in a garrison, adding to the challenge of defeating him.

To effectively defeat Galerius, you need to carefully plan the composition of your units. The first unit you will need should consist of a thief and magic-wielding fighters such as the Witch and Shaman. While the thief is part of the main story, the magic wielders can be found in different locations as part of side quests. It is crucial to position the thief on the front line, as their Evade ability allows them to dodge at least one attack. Additionally, the thief’s double attack can bypass Galerius’ defensive buff. The magic users should be positioned on the backline to avoid being targeted. If possible, recruit a third magic user from a conquered garrison on the overworld map to enhance your chances of success.

The second unit you need does not have to be specific, but it should include high damage dealers to handle the two extra knights that accompany Galerius in the garrison. Adjust the positioning of your units based on the situation in the battle, with all units eventually converging on Galerius. When facing Galerius, send one of your units to eliminate the additional knights first, as the thief’s Evade ability has limits. Once the knights are dealt with, bring in your thief-led unit to confront Galerius.

During the battle with Galerius, it may take multiple attempts to defeat him, depending on the level of your magic users. If the additional knights are revived, switch to a different unit to handle them. Ensure that your thief-led unit is not taking any damage before proceeding to the next round of fighting. If they are at 1 HP and are at risk of taking damage, substitute them with another unit to continue the battle.

Defeating Galerius in Unicorn Overlord requires careful planning, strategic unit composition, and precise execution of your battle strategy. By leveraging the unique abilities of your units and making tactical decisions during the fight, you can overcome the challenges posed by this formidable boss and emerge victorious in the first major battle of Unicorn Overlord.


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