Let Me Solo Her, the legendary hero of Elden Ring, known for aiding players in defeating the infamously tough Malenia boss, is facing a new challenge in the mega-expansion Shadow of the Erdtree. Despite their reputation and experience, Let Me Solo Her seems to be struggling with the new bosses introduced in this expansion. Even after mastering the base game’s toughest enemies, they find themselves in a similar predicament as many other players in the Land of Shadow.

In a recent interview, Let Me Solo Her shared their struggles with bosses like Rellana and the Dancing Lion in the DLC. They admitted to needing help from summons to overcome these formidable foes. Furthermore, they mentioned that even the final boss is proving to be a significant challenge, indicating that the difficulty level in Shadow of the Erdtree is pushing their limits.

While Let Me Solo Her is primarily known for their boss-fighting prowess, they also enjoy witnessing the community’s excitement and engagement with the expansion content. They highlight the enjoyment of seeing players engage in summons, invasions, and creating memes on social media. Additionally, they express their interest in experimenting with new builds that they find intriguing or unique, despite the iconic jar-helmet still being a staple in their equipment.

The release of Shadow of the Erdtree reignited the ongoing debate surrounding difficulty in video games. The expansion received a mixed reaction upon launch, with many players voicing concerns about its challenging nature. This divisive response reflects the diverse preferences within the gaming community regarding the level of difficulty they prefer in their gaming experiences.

Let Me Solo Her’s struggles in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree serve as a reminder that even the most skilled players face formidable challenges in the ever-evolving world of gaming. As they continue to navigate through the new content and overcome obstacles, they inspire and engage with the community, showcasing the shared experience of both triumph and defeat in the virtual realm.


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