The indie game Dredge has garnered significant success since its initial launch in March 2023. Notably, the game received a nomination for Best Indie Game at The Game Awards, showcasing its impact on the gaming industry. Additionally, Dredge has formed collaborations with other popular fishing games, such as Dave the Diver, demonstrating its ability to resonate with a wide audience. Moreover, the game is set to release a substantial DLC expansion titled The Iron Rig, adding new content and experiences for players.

One exciting development for Dredge fans is the upcoming release of a physical collector’s edition. Scheduled to launch on November 19 for PS5 and Nintendo Switch, the Dredge Complete Collector’s Edition offers a plethora of exclusive collectibles for enthusiasts to enjoy. Furthermore, this edition includes the highly anticipated Iron Rig DLC, providing added value for players. Surprisingly, the $100 price tag for the collector’s edition seems reasonable in comparison to similar offerings in the gaming industry. Interested individuals can already place preorders for the collector’s edition at Best Buy, ensuring they secure a copy upon its release.

For existing Dredge players seeking new adventures, the Iron Rig DLC presents an exciting opportunity. Set to launch on August 15 for multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch, the DLC expands the game’s narrative by introducing a mysterious scientist and a remote Iron Rig location. Players will engage in salvage trading and uncover new storylines, enhancing their gameplay experience. Priced at $12, the Iron Rig DLC offers a cost-effective way for players to extend their enjoyment of Dredge.

In addition to the collector’s edition, players have the option to purchase the Deluxe Edition of Dredge for $30 (originally $40) on Nintendo Switch at Best Buy. This edition caters to individuals who prefer a digital version of the game without the added collectibles. By offering diverse options, the developers of Dredge accommodate different preferences and ensure that players can access the game in a manner that suits their needs.

Dredge’s success can be attributed to its captivating gameplay, innovative collaborations, and commitment to providing engaging content for players. With the upcoming release of the collector’s edition, DLC expansion, and alternative editions, Dredge continues to make waves in the gaming community, solidifying its position as a standout indie title. As fans eagerly anticipate the new content and collectibles, the future looks bright for Dredge and its dedicated player base.


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