In just four days, the Kickstarter campaign for Free Stars: Children Of Infinity has surpassed its funding goal by more than three times. This impressive accomplishment demonstrates the high level of interest and support for this sequel to the beloved series formerly known as Star Control.

Free Stars: Children Of Infinity promises to be a faithful follow-up to its predecessor, offering players the opportunity to once again control a spaceship and explore the galaxy. The game allows for freedom in charting your own path between planets, encountering unique alien species, and engaging in exciting arcade-style battles. Additionally, the inclusion of online co-op adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience.

The development of Free Stars: Children Of Infinity signifies a significant milestone in the history of the series. After announcing their plans for a direct sequel to Star Control 2 in 2017, series creators Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III faced legal challenges with Stardock. However, these issues were eventually resolved, leading to the re-release of the original game as Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters on Steam. Now, the team at Pistol Shrimp, comprised of former developers from Ford and Reiche’s previous studio, Toys For Bob, is bringing fans a new chapter in the saga with Free Stars: Children Of Infinity.

While the current funding total stands at an impressive $332k (£268k), the Kickstarter campaign still has several stretch goals in mind. One particularly ambitious goal is set at $4.4 million, which would result in a completely open source release of the game. With 27 days remaining in the campaign, there is ample time for supporters to help reach this milestone and unlock even more features and content for Free Stars: Children Of Infinity.

The overwhelming success of Free Stars: Children Of Infinity on Kickstarter reflects the dedication and enthusiasm of fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the series. With its innovative gameplay and commitment to honoring the legacy of its predecessors, this sequel is poised to become a standout title in the realm of space exploration games.


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