Computer Artworks’ The Thing adaptation made a splash in 2002, garnering critical acclaim for its multiplayer gameplay, level variety, and challenging nature. The survival-horror shooter took inspiration from John Carpenter’s The Thing, serving as a pseudo-sequel that extended the original story. The fact that it received endorsement from John Carpenter himself, a renowned gaming enthusiast, only added to its appeal.

Exciting news has surfaced indicating that Nightdive Studios is in the process of remastering Computer Artworks’ The Thing adaptation. A teaser image shared on Twitter hinted at this development, showcasing a mutated face engulfed in a cloud of gas that bore a striking resemblance to the original game’s artwork. While Nightdive has yet to make an official announcement, the similarities between the images strongly suggest that a remastered version of The Thing is in the works. An official unveiling is expected to take place during IGN Live on Friday.

Nightdive Studios has built a reputation for acquiring and reviving beloved IPs from the 1990s and 2000s for modern audiences. Titles like Blade Runner, Turok, Shadow Man, System Shock, and even more obscure games such as PO’ed have received the remaster treatment from Nightdive. The potential return of The Thing is particularly anticipated by fans who have fond memories of the game’s innovative gameplay mechanics and high-quality cutscenes and action sequences.

In The Thing, players assume the role of Army Special Forces Captain J.F. Blake and his team as they venture to Outpost 31 to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the research team from the original film. The presence of the titular creature still lingers in the outpost, implying that the film’s protagonists, MacReady and Childs, were unsuccessful in eradicating the threat. While this narrative divergence may not align with the film’s canon, it sets the stage for a gripping and suspenseful storyline within The Thing universe.

Although official details regarding the remastered version of The Thing are scarce at the moment, fans can expect more information to be unveiled in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on this highly-anticipated revival of a beloved classic.


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