Computer Artworks’ adaptation of the 1982 movie The Thing was a standout third-person shooter back in 2002. The game managed to capture the paranoia and tension of the movie, with players having to constantly question the loyalty of their squadmates. The limited supply of blood tests added an extra layer of suspense, as players had to determine who was still human and who was a shapeshifting alien creature. However, some of the mechanics, like the “trust” and “fear” systems, could have been more fleshed out to fully immerse players in the game world.

Now, Nightdive Studios has announced a remaster of The Thing, set to release later this year. While fans of the original game are excited for the opportunity to revisit the thrilling gameplay, some may be disappointed by the lack of a full remake. The remaster promises visual enhancements and improvements to character models, textures, and animations, all running on Nightdive’s proprietary KEX Engine. While these updates will bring the game into the modern era, it still retains the look and feel of a game from the early 2000s.

Nightdive Studios has a history of remastering classic games, such as Dark Forces, Doom 64, Quake II, and the enhanced edition of System Shock. While their previous remasters have been well-received by fans, some may question their decision to focus on remasters rather than full-fledged remakes. Additionally, Nightdive’s recent acquisition by Atari raises concerns about the future of the studio and the games they work on.

While the remaster of The Thing offers fans of the original game a chance to experience the horror and tension once again, it also highlights the missed opportunity for a full remake that could have expanded on the game’s intriguing mechanics. Nightdive Studios’ decision to focus on remasters may be a cause for concern among fans, who are eager to see the studio take on new and ambitious projects in the future. Only time will tell if the remaster of The Thing will be a faithful restoration of a cult classic or a missed opportunity for something greater.


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