The recent update to Shadows of Doubt introduced “Sharpshooter Assassins” armed with high-powered rifles, adding a new level of intrigue to the game’s crime-solving mechanics. Players must now determine the killer’s vantage point by analyzing bullet trajectories and then proceed to locate the murder weapon and witnesses at a secondary crime scene. While the concept of snipers in the game adds a sense of danger and challenge, it appears that the shooters are not always as precise as one would expect.

The developers of Shadows of Doubt, ColePowered Games, have acknowledged the issue of accuracy among the Sharpshooter Assassins. Reports have surfaced of players discovering numerous spent shell casings at crime scenes, indicating that the assassins may not be hitting their intended targets as effectively as they should. The developers have humorously commented on the situation, noting that the department is actively seeking a solution to address these inaccurate shooters.

In response to the accuracy problems with the Sharpshooter Assassins, a recent patch note for the game’s experimental branch update mentioned a “potential fix for sniper excessive shooting scenario.” While the specifics of the fix were not disclosed, one possible solution could involve limiting the amount of ammunition available to the snipers, preventing them from indiscriminately firing rounds until one finally hits the mark. Another option could be to implement an embarrassment system for NPCs, adding consequences for repeated failures to eliminate their targets.

Despite the frustration caused by inaccurate Sharpshooter Assassins, some players find a certain charm in their fallibility. For those who struggle with sniping in games, the idea of hapless assassins missing their shots and leaving behind evidence of their ineptitude is relatable. Shadows of Doubt’s simulation of flawed killers adds a level of realism to the gameplay, showcasing the unpredictability and human error that can occur in high-pressure situations.

Shadows of Doubt sets itself apart from traditional murder mystery games by incorporating real-time NPC interactions and fully simulated environments. The game challenges players to solve crimes that unfold organically as NPCs go about their daily lives in a procedurally generated city. While this approach introduces a level of complexity and authenticity to the gameplay, it also opens the door for unexpected outcomes, such as failed assassination attempts or prolonged periods without any murders taking place.

As Shadows of Doubt continues to evolve in early access, the developers are working to address the issues surrounding the accuracy of the Sharpshooter Assassins. With a commitment to improving gameplay mechanics and enhancing the overall player experience, ColePowered Games aims to deliver a compelling and immersive detective simulation. While a solid release date has yet to be announced, the ongoing development of Shadows of Doubt promises to offer new challenges and experiences for fans of the genre.


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