Former Overwatch 2 developers have revealed that the initial plan was to release story missions every 18 months, which would have set the game apart from its predecessor. However, the ambitious co-op PVE element was abandoned in favor of story-based PvE missions. Unfortunately, only three of these missions were added in August 2023, and since then, there has been little to no communication from Blizzard regarding additional content. This lack of transparency has left fans and former developers alike feeling uncertain about the future of Overwatch 2’s story content.

Development Challenges and Setbacks

According to anonymous sources, the development process for Overwatch 2’s story missions was riddled with difficulties. While some missions were fully playable, others were still in the concept stage. The goal was to release three missions every 18 months, but the reality fell short of this target. The already released missions did not meet Blizzard’s expectations in terms of player engagement and reception. This, coupled with the layoffs that occurred earlier in the year, created a sense of uncertainty within the development team.

The anonymous sources also shed light on the internal challenges that hindered the timely release of Overwatch 2’s story content. The concept of ‘Blizzard Quality’ was cited as a major obstacle, with executives and game directors constantly revisiting and tweaking the work, delaying the game’s launch. This perpetual cycle of revision and perfectionism prevented timely decision-making and ultimately prolonged the development process. Additionally, integrating Overwatch’s fast-paced PvP gameplay into a story-driven format proved to be a formidable task, further complicating the development of the game’s narrative elements.

While the current status of Overwatch 2’s story missions remains unclear, it is evident that the developers faced numerous challenges throughout the development process. The emphasis on competitive gameplay and the struggle to adapt hero kits for PvE content added further complications to an already complex project. Despite these setbacks, there is still a possibility that Blizzard will continue to work on expanding the game’s story mode. However, until an official announcement is made, fans and developers will have to wait in anticipation to see what the future holds for Overwatch 2.


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