We have all been there – dropping our phones in water and panicking about how to save them. The internet is full of advice on using uncooked rice to draw out the liquid and save your phone. However, Apple, the tech giant, explicitly advises against this common practice. According to Apple support documents, putting your wet iPhone in a bag of rice could actually lead to rice particles damaging your device. This goes against the popular belief that rice can help dry out waterlogged electronics faster.

Instead of resorting to the rice method, Apple recommends a different approach to dealing with a wet phone. When you receive the liquid detection alert on your iPhone, Apple suggests avoiding external heat sources like hair dryers, compressed air, or inserting cotton swabs or paper towels into the charging ports. Instead, gently tap your phone against your hand with the connector pointing down to remove excess liquid. Then, leave the phone in an area with good airflow to dry naturally. Wait for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge it again. If the alert persists, it is best to leave the phone and wait for up to 24 hours for it to fully dry out.

For years, rice has been touted as the go-to solution for saving water-damaged electronics. The idea was that rice, as a desiccant, would draw out the moisture and speed up the drying process. Many people, including myself, have tried the rice method in a moment of desperation. However, Apple’s official stance on the matter challenges this myth. In reality, it is the time spent powered down and away from moisture that truly helps devices recover from water exposure, not a quick dunk in rice.

While the internet may be full of quick fixes and DIY solutions, it is essential to heed official advice from tech experts like Apple when it comes to dealing with water damage on your devices. Avoid the temptation to use household remedies that could potentially do more harm than good. By following the recommended steps provided by Apple, you can increase the chances of salvaging your wet phone without causing further damage. Remember, when it comes to saving your electronic devices, it is best to trust in the experts’ guidance.


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