Embarking on a quest to conquer Skyrim on its Legendary difficulty is a Herculean task in itself. However, one player, identified as Inward_Perfection, took this challenge to a whole new level by adding self-imposed permadeath and other ultra-hard restrictions to their playthrough.

Struggling Towards Victory

After a grueling 150 hours of gameplay and losing four characters to the unforgiving hands of permadeath, Inward_Perfection emerged victorious. Their journey was filled with countless obstacles and setbacks, but their determination and perseverance ultimately paid off.

When asked about the best character build for tackling such a challenge, Inward_Perfection’s advice was simple yet effective: be a stealth archer. Despite not being a fan of stealth gameplay in general, they emphasized the reliability and success rate of this particular playstyle in Skyrim.

Essential Tips and Tricks

Inward_Perfection shared some valuable insights and strategies for fellow players looking to undertake a similar challenge. They highlighted the effectiveness of illusion spells like Calm/Pacify, the importance of utilizing Lord/Atronach Stones for added resistances, and the significance of followers and summons in combat.

In addition to permadeath, Inward_Perfection imposed a series of other strict restrictions on their playthrough, including no fast travel, limited crafting, and no permanent followers. These limitations added an extra layer of complexity and difficulty to an already challenging experience.

Completing Skyrim on Legendary difficulty with self-imposed permadeath is a monumental achievement that few players can boast. Inward_Perfection’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of dedication, strategy, and sheer willpower when faced with insurmountable odds.


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