Minecraft fans are in for a treat with the upcoming English localization of the Minecraft manga. While many are aware of the official movie and TV show adaptations in the works, the manga version adds another dimension to the beloved video game franchise. Originally debuting in 2020 in CoroCoro magazine, the Minecraft manga is set to be released in English by VIZ Media in 2025.

The Minecraft manga promises to capture the essence of the video game by incorporating themes of exploration, crafting, and battling zombies. The official synopsis paints a picture of a young protagonist, Nico, who is bored with his peaceful life in a perfectly constructed town and craves adventure beyond the blocky confines of his home. The manga follows Nico’s journey as he faces challenges, showcases his crafting skills, and encounters talking zombies along the way.

Excitement for the English localization of the Minecraft manga is already building, with preorders available on Amazon. Fans can secure their copy of the first volume for $12 and expect its release on March 11, 2025. By preordering now, readers can guarantee that they will receive their copy on the day of release and dive into the world of Minecraft in manga form.

In addition to the upcoming Minecraft manga, fans can explore a variety of other Minecraft-themed books available for purchase. Amazon and Target offer a selection of titles, including the Minecraft: Wither Without You graphic novel box set for $26. Some titles are even part of Target’s site-wide B2G1 50% off sale, providing an opportunity for fans to expand their collection of Minecraft literature.

The localization of the Minecraft manga marks a significant milestone for fans of the popular video game franchise. With its captivating storyline and unique adaptation of the Minecraft world, the manga is sure to appeal to both longtime players and newcomers to the series. Preordering a copy ensures that readers will not miss out on the excitement of experiencing Minecraft in a new and unexpected format.


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