Five years after LawBreakers was shut down, dedicated fans have brought back the gravity-defying multiplayer FPS game to life. LawBreakers was the first game developed by Boss Key Productions, a studio co-founded by Cliff Bleszinski, the lead designer of Gears Of War. Despite its unique gameplay mechanics and polished shooter experience, LawBreakers failed to make a mark in the gaming industry and the studio closed down less than a year after its launch. However, fans of the game have been working tirelessly to revive it, and this weekend marked the first public test of their efforts.

Since its launch in August 2017, LawBreakers received praise for its zero gravity gameplay segments that set it apart from other FPS games. Despite this, the game did not sell well, and Boss Key Productions’ attempt to tap into the battle royale trend with Radical Heights also ended in failure. Following the studio’s closure in May 2018, LawBreakers publisher Nexon made the game free to play before shutting down its servers in September 2018. However, a group of fans has been working on a solution to bring back LawBreakers, leading to the successful public test of the unofficial RELB Project launcher.

The RELB Project launcher enables players to access LawBreakers by creating “fake” servers that the original game client can connect to. Despite some limitations such as disabled classes, a single game mode, and technical hiccups, players were able to experience LawBreakers again. The team behind the RELB Project acknowledged the issues faced during the test and assured players that they are working on resolving them. Cliff Bleszinski himself highlighted the revival, generating significant attention and interest among fans of the game. The team is now evaluating the results of the test to determine the next steps for the project.

LawBreakers may have been overshadowed by other popular titles like Overwatch, but it holds a special place in the hearts of dedicated fans. Despite facing tough competition and criticism for its punishing gameplay, LawBreakers offered a unique experience for players looking for a challenge. Khee Hoon Chan expressed their reluctance to let go of LawBreakers, citing the game’s ability to push players’ boundaries and deliver thrilling victories and defeats. The unofficial revival of LawBreakers signifies the passionate community’s desire to keep the game alive and preserve its legacy.

The closure of games by developers and publishers has become a recurring issue in the gaming industry. After Ubisoft recently shut down The Crew, YouTuber Ross Scott initiated the ‘Stop Killing Games’ campaign to advocate for consumer rights and urge governments to take action. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the impact of game closures on players and calls for regulatory measures to prevent future shutdowns. By highlighting the efforts of fans to revive LawBreakers, the gaming community underscores the importance of preserving gaming experiences and supporting dedicated communities.


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