The recent showcase of Dragon Age: The Veilguard at Summer Game Fest left many fans surprised by its similarities to Mass Effect. The inclusion of ability wheels, three-man squads, and the absence of an open world seemed to draw direct inspiration from its intergalactic counterpart. However, director Corinne Busche is quick to clarify that the game’s RPG progression takes a completely different approach.

A New Level of Depth

In an interview with RPG Site, Busche described The Veilguard’s progression system as “incredibly deep.” Drawing a comparison to BioWare’s Mass Effect series, Busche highlighted the contrast by stating, “I really view Mass Effect as an ARPG. Big action, minor RPG. We’re almost the total inverse of that.” This emphasis on the role-playing aspect sets The Veilguard apart from the more action-oriented gameplay of Mass Effect.

Surprisingly, Busche revealed that The Veilguard drew inspiration from the skill progression systems of Final Fantasy games such as Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 12. The player character’s skill trees are described as intricate and “web-like,” allowing for expansive customization and flexibility. Each class features a unique skill tree that branches off into three specializations, providing players with a variety of options for character development.

Specializations and Builds

Apart from the specializations, the regular skill trees in The Veilguard are divided into three sections, enabling players to focus on specific builds. This division allows for a more tailored approach to character progression, catering to different playstyles and strategies. The intricate skill trees offer a level of depth that encourages experimentation and creativity in creating unique character builds.

With its focus on deep RPG progression and intricate skill trees, Dragon Age: The Veilguard appears to be shaping up as a promising addition to the series. By drawing inspiration from both Mass Effect and Final Fantasy, the game aims to strike a balance between action-packed gameplay and rich role-playing elements. As players delve into the world of The Veilguard, they can expect a level of customization and complexity that sets it apart from its predecessors.


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