The Verge’s senior AI reporter, Kylie Robison, sheds light on the internal turmoil at X Company, formerly known as Twitter, under Elon Musk’s ownership. Sources reveal that a promotions process was unexpectedly delayed, leaving employees anxious about the future. With the sales team falling short of revenue targets, layoffs are looming over the company.

One of Musk’s key lieutenants, Steve Davis, CEO of The Boring Company, has been described by employees as the “grim reaper who only shows up for bad things.” Davis has been reviewing X’s finances at their San Francisco headquarters, sparking concerns among employees about further layoffs. Recent departures, including Yaccarino’s right-hand man, have left the remaining staff on edge.

The internal all-hands meeting led by X CEO Linda Yaccarino aimed to address employee concerns but left many questions unanswered. Despite trying to drum up excitement about live events on the platform, Yaccarino’s emphasis on X’s focus on video advertising left employees wanting more clarity. The absence of Musk at the meeting, despite being in San Francisco, raised eyebrows among staff.

X’s head of HR, Walter Gilbert, announced plans to implement a broader and more robust promotion process that will include regular check-ins throughout the year. However, many employees felt that the meeting did not address their pressing questions regarding HR, promotions, raises, and equity. The focus on lighter-weight check-ins seemed to miss the mark for employees seeking concrete answers.

While Yaccarino led the meeting, several directors also joined in, including Monique Pintarelli, Nick Pickles, Kylie McRoberts, and Haofei Wang. The array of directors present hinted at the significance of the issues being discussed, with each bringing their expertise to the table. Despite the impressive lineup of executives, employees were left feeling unsettled about the company’s future direction.

The Verge’s investigation uncovers a company in turmoil, with internal issues plaguing X Company’s workforce. The delay in promotions, missed revenue targets, and looming layoffs paint a grim picture for employees. As the leadership team attempts to navigate these challenges, clarity and transparency will be crucial in fostering trust and stability within the company.


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