The latest Path of Exile 2 class, the Witch, has seen significant changes compared to its predecessor. In the original game, the Witch was known for mastering elemental and dark arts, but now, the focus has shifted towards summoning minions. Game director Jonathan Rogers states that the Witch is “the class that’s going to have the most options for summoning minions,” indicating a major transformation in gameplay dynamics.

In a recent hands-on preview of Path of Exile 2, players have been intrigued by the Witch’s ability to unleash bone shard attacks, apply curse debuffs, and expertly control a vast army of the undead. Compared to the Diablo 4 Necromancer, the Witch offers a more impactful and seamless experience in managing minions. Grinding Gear Games has introduced a new system where all minions regenerate simultaneously after a brief period of inactivity, enhancing the fluidity of gameplay during intense boss battles.

The Witch class in Path of Exile 2 provides a high level of customization, allowing players to tailor their playstyle to suit their preferences. Whether focusing on building a powerful minion army, experimenting with different weapons like Scepters and Wands, or combining minion-summoning abilities with spellcasting, the possibilities are vast. Players can even utilize specific skills to curse enemies, transform them into minion constructs, or spread plagues across the game world, adding depth to strategic decision-making.

With the Witch in Path of Exile 2, players have discovered a newfound flexibility that was not present in the original game. The class offers a balance between offense and defense, allowing for varied gameplay approaches. By incorporating a mix of minion-focused abilities and spellcasting techniques, players can create unique builds that cater to different playstyles. Additionally, the option to command minions with a dedicated button adds another layer of control and tactics to encounters.

As Path of Exile 2 prepares for early access release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, players eagerly anticipate the opportunity to delve deeper into the Witch class. With its innovative minion-summoning mechanics, diverse customization options, and engaging gameplay dynamics, the Witch stands out as a game-changing magic wielder. While drawing comparisons to the Diablo 4 Necromancer, the Witch in Path of Exile 2 offers a fresh and exciting take on summoner gameplay, showcasing the potential for unique and compelling experiences in the world of action RPGs.


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